Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunny yellow scraps

Only a little bit of scrap sewing this week, but enough to feel satisfied I'm keeping up with my scrappy goals.  Although I technically made 2 churn dashes, it counts as one block, since I made a nested churn dash.

I've always liked the look of these, and decided it was time to have a go.  Although I have plenty of yellow scraps,they're either long narrow strips, or small scraps, and not big enough to cut a good sized centre block, and so it seemed a good idea to make the centre a feature. The centre block is 4"square finished, and the total block is 8.5 "unfinished.

I  also made a start on some crumb blocks.

I felt I was getting a bit stale and boring with my scrap sewing, and browsing around the blogs featured on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Link-up, these Circle of Squares blocks on Kathy's Quilts Blog caught my eye, and so I made my first one this week......partly made as I haven't sewn the rows together yet. (pattern here

Kathy used the colour of the month for her backgrounds, but I didn't have enough of any one yellow to do that, decided white or off-white could be a bit ordinary, and then, having a good rummage, found some good size pieces of various greys that do the trick nicely, I think.  Kathy pieced her coloured pieces from crumb scraps, so I've tucked that idea away for next time.  Isn't Blogland wonderful for inspiration and ideas!

Linking up today with So Scrappy and ScrapHappy Day.  If scraps are your thing....or you'd like them to be.....check out these two scrappy links and you'll find lots of clever people doing wonderful things with their scraps.

.......till next time 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Here and Now .... new link-up fun to join in

..........and an update on my Mirrhi 

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post with messages of support and concern. Mirrhi's certainly feeling better, and is pretty much back to normal, enjoying being outdoors and rolling happily around on the grass with her ball.....a different girl to the one who could hardly lift her head last week. 

As for me, not so happy.  I finally tracked down the attacking dog's owner, and unfortunately she was belligerent, argumentative and downright unpleasant, actually commenting, amongst other things, that the attack was probably Mirrhi's fault as she's part-border collie!  Apparently this breed is 'stand-offish and unlikable' and because of this, her dog isn't keen on them, and has had a go at another border collie in the past. She also made demands about wanting to see photos of the injuries, to be sure they warranted vet treatment, and in a recent email, intimated she won't pay the bill if I don't take photos of her injuries, not taking into account that Mirrhi's ear is still swollen, bruised and sore. I'm left a little speechless ....unusual for me!


So onto more pleasant things and Here and Now.  I've just started following Sarah at Say Little Hen, and her blog is full of happy chattiness about things I love like gardening, knitting, chickens......and border collies!  Her here and Now link-up encourages us to stop and look around, to think about, savour and recognise all our little moments, happy and not-so.  

So here goes, my first Here and Now......

Homegrown papaya
Chai tea in the mornings

Weeds crowding out the fig tree

No weeds !  A blank canvas ready to plant up.

Loving //  The cool nights and mornings of early autumn. The days can still be quite hot, but without the energy sapping humidity that our sub-tropical summers are known for.

Eating //  Papayas straight off the tree. One ready to eat, one still to ripen, and some left on the tree for the fruit bats. Delicious with a squeeze of lime from a neighbour's tree.

Drinking //  Water, water kefir and this delicious local chai, a gift from a friend to say 'thank-you'.

Feeling //  Tired from all the stress and worry over Mirrhi, upset at the other dog's owner's attitude, but relieved my girl is ok.

Making // Progress with getting the weeds under control after a hot,wet summer. Just doing a little every day makes it seem doable.....and my back thanks me.

Thinking //  About joining Sarah's Tea-Mouse knit-a-long

Dreaming //  About what I'll plant in my newly-weeded garden beds.

........till next time.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Not a good week

 for this girl 

Not feeling too good, thanks for asking

 My poor Mirrhi was attacked by a big brute of a dog last weekend. It was being walked on lead by a friend of the owner, who was unable to control the dog at all.  I saw them up the road a bit, on the other side, as we were out for our usual late afternoon walk, and had a bad feeling as I could see the woman was struggling to get the dog to do what she wanted. She was trying to get it to turn left down the road,but it had spied us across the road and was very determined to get to us. So she told the dog ok,we'll go say hello and headed our way, with me yelling at her not to, to stay away. I pulled Mirrhi backwards with me to get behind a nearby fence as that dog was coming at us like a runaway locomotive, the woman falling as it dragged her, and finally wrenching it's lead out of her hand.

It was pretty fast though and was on us so quickly, grabbed Mirrhi by the head growling and snarling and dragged her across the footpath and onto the road.  The rest's a bit of a initially thinking I'd wrench it's jaws open to make it let had such a strong grip on her......and then commonsense asserting itself as I realised having my hand in between the two dogs was not a good idea.... and so I resorted  to pummeling it's nose, to no avail. Meanwhile the woman was pulling the dog and shouting at it, with no success either, with my poor girl crying and yelping  something terrible. 
Just need to lay here on this comfy bed and sleep please
We were saved by Marnie from across the road, whose dog Bundy plays with Mirrhi all the time.  With quick thinking, she punched it really hard under it's tail, and it let go,but almost immediately tried to jump Mirrhi again. With Marnie's help, the woman was able to drag the dog away and hold it, while I took Mirrhi into old Merv's garage out of reach of the other dog, and checked her  for injuries.  There was blood everywhere,and all over my clothes, but I couldn't work out where she was hurt. It wasn't until we got home and I cleaned her up that I realised her ear was torn and punctured.

I dosed us both with Rescue Remedy and headed to the vet, who confirmed the damage to her ear, and she was sent home with heavy duty painkillers and antibiotics. She's been allowed short gentle walks, unlike our usual long hikes with lots of running and ball chasing. 
The dog minder gave me the wrong street number for the dog's owner.......not deliberately I don't think (I hope) just shaken up and not thinking properly. A friend and I went door knocking this morning but failed to find her. The ranger can't do anything without an address. I want her to pay my quite substantial vet bill, so track her down I will!  Apart from the injuries to Mirrhi, I'm now really reluctant to take her out in case we come across another dog, and just about have a panic attack if I do!

Being looked after by my best friend Neesa.

After feeling pretty shattered all week, exhausted, and not able to settle to anything, finally on Friday I decided it was time to do something, stumbled into my sewing  room and dug out the yellow scraps to make a start on April's churn dash blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I managed to finish two, then made 4 string blocks as well.

Not a bad start to yellow month.  As always, linking with So Scrappy Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  

Till next time, have a great week............

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - no more green

The end of March means we're finished with green for now, until we re-visit it later in the year using our darker greens.  I haven't felt inspired to work with my greens at all, although that might be more to do with me than the actual colour!  I realised too that a lot of my scraps were leftovers from my landscape and art quilting days, when I bought fabrics that could represent trees and mountains and lakes, very good for these tasks, but pretty ugly otherwise. Maybe they'll work better mixed with the darker greens.

I did finish the last churn dash, reaching my goal of 6 for the  month,

I love this 'shades of green square in a square' fabric. This was a fat quarter I used to make a taggy giraffe, and these scraps are the last of it.

Cute, hey?
I'm calling these crumb/slab blocks done, although they're not all the same size.  Did I mention I was sick of green?    

My RSC sum total for March, not too bad when you see them all there together, given my lack of enthusiasm. A lone February catch-up purple churn dash found it's way into the tally as well.

That's it Green, you're back in the box now.  Yellow gold is April's colour and I'll be very glad to pull those yellow scraps.

Go here to see what everyone has done with their green scraps.

I'm out to the garden now to get ready for some neighbours who're coming with their little ones.....and a couple of big ones as well I think.......for an easter egg hunt.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rain stays away for a while.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter Day, however you spend it,  and see you next time........

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rain, bales, turns, nests or warrens.

We've had rain for days, or grey skies and on/off showers at the least.  The heavens open and it pours just as I decide I'll do some gardening, or walk Mirrhi.

 The skies looked like this a year ago today, the night the Big Flood took out a lot of our town.  There'll be no flood this year, but it's hard not to worry as we all remember the fear as it swept through, the mess and devastation it left behind and the generosity and support as the town pulled together afterwards.

So to keep busy and keep my mind off it, I've been making rabbits and turtles, hence the title of the post, as those are among the common names for groups of turtles and rabbits.

Not quite a nest or a warren

A mischief maybe?

              and one on his own  .....                              

 a singular of bunny - wool felt 2.5 " long

Not a bale of turtles, a huddle perhaps....or a conference 

 Wool felt, around 5-6 " long 
Definitely a huddle!

These are now heading to Queensland, for Knitting for Brisbane's Needy and will be going to children who'll be in the Sunshine Coast Hospital over Easter. The turtles are not a new Easter symbol, but were requested by the hospital, I'm not sure exactly why,  but something they do every year, and the request just happened to coincide with Karen's shout-out for bunnies.

Lastly, the rain has brought some interesting "visitors" to my yard ...... these quite large alien looking mushrooms. Some are 6" or more across. Not edible, unfortunately.

That's all for now, it's time to pull rain coats on and go dodge the showers. Till next time...........

Sunday, March 25, 2018

RSC March - Green scraps

It's the second last week of March !.....and the colours for this month are light and yellowy greens. I've mixed it up a bit with some medium to darker greens to get some contrast on my churn dashes, but will still have plenty of darks to play with when that month rolls around.

This week I made 3 more churn dashes, these are 8" (20cm) finished.

Then there were 5. One more to make for my goal of 6 per colour/per month, should be doable. I still have purple from February to catch up on as well, so I'll try and get them out of the way before the new colour's announced next Sunday.

 I also started some crumb/slab blocks. I found a box of hst and partial flying geese that I'd made for F2F (Foot Square Freestyle block swap) that hadn't worked out, so I'm using them in my crumb blocks.  I have some other crumbs and strings somewhere in various colours, and I've seen some quilts lately where people have put all their orphan blocks together in rows, so I thought I might work toward that as well.  Maybe!

For more fresh green and scrappy inspiration, head over to the  weekly link-up

...till next time..........

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Birthday gift

Our .....Mirrhi's and mine......favourite small neighbour is having a birthday....he'll be 3.  So I bought him this lovely simple picture book "The Tomten and the Fox" Here's a description of a tomten, if you've not heard of them..... In Swedish tales a tomten  belongs to the family of elves and other little “brownies” and is a good natured being who usually helps farm people . A friendly “tomte” meant a lot to the farmer and his family, he saw to it that the animals were well, he made sure the servants awakened in the early morning hours. These and many other good deeds and fortunes were the work of the “tomten and he was given a bowl of porridge every night”   

In this story, when a very hungry fox wanders into the farm looking for his dinner,  the Tomten finds a way to keep the farm animals safe and feed the fox at the same time.

So Parkes can play as he reads, I made a little felt fox......

Mr Fox has his eye on the hen house

And here's the Tomten who watches  over the farm animals .... he tells the fox 'no eating the chickens'

and generously shares his bowl of porridge with the fox.

Fox is about  (5") long and stands about 9cm (3.5") high, and the Tomten  is 13cm (5") tall, not counting his hat.  Both the fox and Tomten's clothes are made from lovely, buttery soft wool felt. 

They're all packed up in a cloth bag and we're ready for cake and fun later today. (No cake for Mirrhi, she'll just have fun running around and playing ball with Parkes!)